Shadow Dancer (World)

Arcade 1989 Sega Platform Fighter Scrolling
A direct sequel to 1988's "Shinobi", Shadow Dancer stars a young Ninja who, together with his faithful canine companion, must battle against a terrorist group. The terrorist group have planted a number of time bombs throughout the metropolis. The Ninja and his dog must set out to gather up all the explosives placed by the evil gang and to annihilate the criminal mastermind behind the Asian Dawn.

Game-play is very similar to that of the original Shinobi, and features the jumping and projectile weapon-based game-play of its illustrious older brother. However, a new and crucial attacking move has since been added to the Ninja's arsenal. Pulling DOWN on the joystick and pressing the ATTACK button sends the hero's dog to attack the nearest enemy. This will stop the enemy from attacking the player as he wrestles with the dog. The enemy must be killed quickly, however, or the dog itself will be killed. If the dog is attacked, he will turn into a small puppy, and once the player has killed a set number of enemies, the puppy will grow to be a full-sized dog who can once again be used to attack enemies.
Shadow Dancer (World)

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • soundcpu Z80 (@ 8 Mhz)
  • YM3438 (@ 8 Mhz)
  • YM3438 (@ 8 Mhz)
  • RF5C68 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Resolution 255 x 224
  • Frequency 57.23 Hz
  • Number of players 2
  • Number of buttons 3
  • Kind of controler joy (8 ways)

Shadow Dancer (World) Screenshots

Shadow Dancer (World) - Screen 1
Shadow Dancer (World) - Screen 2
Shadow Dancer (World) - Screen 3
Shadow Dancer (World) - Screen 4
Shadow Dancer (World) - Screen 5

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1 CC Shadow Dancer (Arcade -All defaults) 20:45

1 CC Shadow Dancer (Arcade -All defaults)

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Tips on Shadow Dancer (World)

Finish a stage without throwing ANY star (only 'close attacks'). You can use your 'Dog Attack'. You will receive a 100,000 points bonus.

Shadow Dancer (World) and M.A.M.E.

0.36b1 [Andrew Prime]

- Freeze on stage 2-4. umbrio (03718)
- shdancer, shdancer1: [possible] Background corruption during Train scene (Level 2-2). Tom (ID 04048)

- 0.140u1: Tafoid fixed dipswitches in clone Shadow Dancer (bootleg).
- 0.139u2: Phil Bennett fixed Shadow Dancer freeze on stage 2-4.
- 0.138: Changed description to 'Shadow Dancer (World)' and clones 'Shadow Dancer (set 2, Japan)' to 'Shadow Dancer (Japan)' and 'Shadow Dancer (set 1)' to 'Shadow Dancer (US)'.
- 0.133u1: Renamed (shdancej) to (shdancerj) and (shdance1) to (shdancer1).
- 0.94u5: Chack'n fixed rom names in Shadow Dancer sets.
- 0.92: Changed description to 'Shadow Dancer (set 3, US)' and clones '(Rev.B)' to '(set 1)' and '(Japan)' to '(set 2, Japan)'. Renamed (shdancrb) to (shdance1) and (shdancrj) to (shdancej).
- 0.89u1: Aaron Giles fixed ROM bank mapping so it doesn't fall through to unmapped handlers. This fixes Shadow Dancer crash.
- 0.88u7: Fixed cpu2 rom address to $90000.
- 0.88u2: Added new gfx2 roms ($a0001, e0001) to clone Shadow Dancer (bootleg).
- 0.83: Charles MacDonald added MSM5205 sample playback to clone Shadow Dancer (bootleg).
- 0.80u2: Charles MacDonald added clone Shadow Dancer (Rev.B).
- 18th March 2004: Charles MacDonald cleaned up shdancbl sound hardware a little and fixed Z80 clock (8.192 Mhz -> 8.00 MHz).
- 15th March 2004: Charles MacDonald added Shadow Dancer (Rev.B) and checked and fixed speed-ups for shdancer, shdancrj, shdancbl and shdancrb. Also added I/O chip and partial VDP emulation for shdancer, moonwlkb and astormbl (fix tile banking and memory tests). Added Datsu bootleg sound hardware support for shdancrb and fixed sound crash.
- 0.36b4: Changed the 2x YM-3438 clock speeds to 8MHz.
- 0.36b2: Added clone Shadow Dancer (bootleg). Changed parent description to 'Shadow Dancer (US)'. Added RF5C68 and replaced YM-2151/uPD7759 sound with 2x YM-3438 (7159090 Hz). Fixed rom names.
- 0.36b1: Andrew Prime added Shadow Dancer (Sega 1989) and clone (Japan).


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* FB Alpha
* System 16

Romset: 3712 kb / 15 files / 1.47 zip
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