Lady Bug

Arcade 1981 Universal Maze
In Lady Bug you guide a bug through a "Pac-Man" style maze, eating dots, and avoiding monsters. Collect letters to spell EXTRA for a bonus life (just like in "Mr. Do!"), and SPECIAL for an extra credit. The maze has rotating doors which are just enough to give the game a slightly different feel than the Pac-Man series.
Lady Bug

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  • maincpu Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • SN76489 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • SN76489 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 240 x 192
  • Fréquence 60 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 0
  • Type de contrôle joy (4 ways)

Screenshots de Lady Bug

Lady Bug - Screen 1
Lady Bug - Screen 2
Lady Bug - Screen 3
Lady Bug - Screen 4
Lady Bug - Screen 5

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Scoring de Lady Bug

Eating a flower : 10 points x score multiplier value.
Collecting a heart : 100 points x score multiplier value.
Collecting a yellow letter : 300 points x score multiplier value.
Collecting a red letter : 800 points x score multiplier value.
Bonus vegetable : 1000 points for the cucumber on level one, increasing by 500 points per level, up to a maximum value of 9500 for the horseradish on level 18 onwards.

Tips sur Lady Bug

* Use the swing doors to block off the bugs' pursuit. Quickly flip a door as you pass it when a bug is behind you and as long as the bug is not too close, its route will be blocked and it will then have to find an alternative route to you. If the bug is too close it will go through the door behind you and there may be no escape.

* Try to collect bonus vegetables when there are still skulls available on the maze. If another bug dies, when it leaves the base another vegetable will appear. This is the key to high scores on later levels when the vegetables are worth anything up to 9500 points each.

* Get the score multiplier up to x5 as soon as possible. All points on the maze except bonus vegetables will then be multiplied by 5. You should get the hearts before getting ANY letters. The exception is when one of the letters is only 2 spaces above the enemy bugs' base, and waiting for it to turn red may prove fatal. Alternatively you can try to collect a letter in this position when the bugs are frozen, when you have a few seconds to wait around for it to change.

* Collect all unneeded letters when they are red with the multiplier on x5 for 4000 points each. For example if you already have the "X" for EXTRA collect it again when it is on red x5.

* Clear the flowers around the bugs' base at the start of each level from stage 5 onwards. This is especially important past stage 10 when the bugs speeds is much increased. You do not move any faster, and will need to have a good knowledge of the maze layout to avoid them.

* Use the swing doors to force the bugs to go where you want them to. Example: stay to the upper right of the bugs' base, and let them come to you. When they are close, move the door so they have to pass your position, and when they are past you move the door again, so that they have to go the long way round to get to you again. Wait until all four bugs are out and then you can get the bonus vegetable when the way is clear. Watch out though, as some breeds of bug are particularly studid (or smart) and will not follow the route you want, but will lurk near you to try and trap you.

* Try to group all 4 bugs close together to increase your chances of getting the bonus vegetable.

* If you quickly flip the same revolving door several times in succession you will notice you move part way through it. You can now walk through this door without spinning it. Useful if you want to wait somewhere and make a getaway without moving the door.

Lady Bug et M.A.M.E.

0.01 [Nicola Salmoria]

Artwork available

- 0.145u4: Tafoid got rid of bogus inputs for Lady Bug, there are no fire buttons at all, just controller and start buttons.
- 0.136u3: Stephane Humbert fixed dipswitches and inputs (after verification of the Z80 code) for clone Lady Bug (bootleg on Galaxian hardware).
- 0.126u5: Brian Troha corrected rom names with PCB locations for Lady Bug and verified the dump against an original Universal Lady Bug PCB. Added information about the Universal PCB number and prom type.
- 0.125u5: Changed description of clone 'Ladybug (bootleg on Galaxian hardware)' to 'Lady Bug (bootleg on Galaxian hardware)'.
- 0.123u2: Changed palettesize to 96 colors.
- 0.122u8: Changed description of clone '(bootleg)' to 'Lady Bug (bootleg set 1)'.
- 0.122u4: Zsolt Vasvari fixed two player game mode.
- 0.115u4: Replaced SN76496 sound with SN76489.
- 16th October 2006: Mr. Do - Through a co-operative effort with ClassicArcadeGrafix, I will able to occasionally borrow art for adding Lady Bug bezel.
- 0.97u2: Sonikos added clone Lady Bug (bootleg Set 2).
- 16th June 2005: f205v dumped Lady Bug (bootleg set 2).
- 0.73: Mike Coates added clone Ladybug (bootleg on Galaxian hardware). Input ports incomplete.
- 28th August 2003: Mike Coates added a version of Lady Bug running on Galaxian hardware and Video Pool to the Galaxian driver.
- 0.34b3: Marco Cassili added clone Lady Bug (bootleg) (1982).
- 0.34b1: Added color proms ($0, 20, 40 - palette and sprite color lookup table).
- 0.37b14: Jeoff Krontz changed 4-way emulation on a 8-way joystick to "sticky" mode. This makes Lady Bug and other 4-way games more playable. Explanation here:
- 0.27: InputPorts now can automatically handle VBlank bits [Nicola Salmoria]. No more need to write custom code. Lady Bug use this feature. MAKE SURE TO DELETE LADYBUG\LADYBUG.DSW AND LADYBUG\LADYBUG.CFG, OTHERWISE THE GAME WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY.
- 0.18: Nicola Salmoria finally added some lousy, very inaccurate, noise to the 76496 emulator. This affects Lady Bug.
- 0.13: Nicola Salmoria added high score saving to Lady Bug.
- 0.03: Lady Bug should run a little faster on slow machines.
- 0.01: Nicola Salmoria added Lady Bug (Universal 1981). Game is playable with accurate colors and partial sound. Control: Arrows = Move around and F1 = Skip level. Known issues: The noise generator is not emulated yet. Thanks to Paul Swan for the information on the Lady Bug sound hardware.

LEVELS: 99 (endless)

Other Emulators:
* FB Alpha
* Mimic

Romset: 41 kb / 13 files / 24.2 zip
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