Area 51 (R3000)

Arcade 1996 Atari Games Shooter Gun
This game takes the player through several sections of the facility, including a warehouse and underground tunnels. The player is tasked, along with fellow STAAR members, to penetrate Area 51 and activate the nuclear self-destruct sequence. The player must kill all of the genetically altered soldiers and aliens without harming any allied STAAR team members (at the cost of one life point), however if nothing but three STAAR team members are shot, the Kronn Hunter will be started, taking the role of a Hunter, sent by the Kronn to eliminate the rebels. None of the actual aliens will appear until the office level.

There are five types of different weaponry available to the player during the course of the game. While the player is only given a semi-automatic pistol in the beginning, weapon upgrades are available as targets throughout the game. The pistol can be upgraded to an automatic machine gun, a pump shotgun, and finally an automatic shotgun. The shotgun weaponry allows a greater field of error for targeting an enemy in able to kill it. Both the machine gun and automatic shotgun allow the player to keep the trigger pressed down to unleash rounds. If the player is hit by the enemy at any time, the weapon is downgraded back to the pistol. The player will also find grenades in crates and bonus rooms which, when used, destroys most on screen enemies at once. The player can hold a max of 9 grenades. In addition, yellow boxes and barrels marked with flammable warning symbols can be shot to cause fires or explosions that can harm enemies.

The game is notable for its use of digitized video stored on an on-board hard disk, and the bizarrely-contrasting, unrealistic gibs into which every enemy blows apart when shot, in exactly the same way. While enemies, innocents, and explosions are 2-D digitized video sprites, the levels and vehicles are pre-rendered in 3-D.

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  • maincpu R3041 (big) (@ 40 Mhz)
  • gpu Jaguar GPU (@ 26 Mhz)
  • dsp Jaguar DSP (@ 26 Mhz)
  • DAC
  • DAC
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 240
  • Fréquence 59.922743 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 1
  • Type de contrôle lightgun

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Tips sur Area 51 (R3000)

* Kronn Hunter Mode : At the beginning of the game, shoot the first three STAAR team members you see with the first three bullets (don't reload or miss). If you did this right you'll enter Kronn Hunter mode. In this mode, you are a mercenary from the Kronn hierarchy sent to sterilize Area 51 of the Kronn rebels. You will notice that the grenades, bullets, shotgun shells and machine gun bullets have all taken on a Kronn form.

* Egg Cellent : On the forklift ride shoot all the barrels before and after the ride. There will be a partially hidden barrel you will have to shoot to the left of the forklift. This will lead you to 'egg cellent' where you shoot eggs and baby aliens.

* Chow Palace : After your first progress report in Area 51, where it tells you your percentage and things like that, you will see a wall lined with windows. Shoot all the windows across the entire wall and you will be in the power up room, where you can see aliens attacking women and power-ups all over the screen.

* Secret Area Before Final Boss : Right before you fight the Final Boss when you are outside, you will go to an area with zombies throwing barrels. Shoot all the barrels that are not thrown and you will go to a secret area filled with power ups.

* Head Quarters : To see the alien restroom, you must shoot three blue lights that appear in the corners of the screen. At the beginning of the game, when you enter the building, shoot the first blue light in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. At the conclusion of level 1, while the screen is spinning, shoot the remaining two blue lights in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

* Secret Level : In the office building, you will go into a series of 2 or 3 doors with nameplates on all of them, shoot them all and then you will go into a secret room with power ups and an alien girl at the bottom.

* X Marks The Spot : On the helicopter ride, shoot all of the boxes with flames on them. If done correctly, you will be sent into 'X Marks The Spot', which is a room where you keep breaking the glass on a wall with your guns to reveal a picture of a female police-person lying there in a very inviting position.

* Spider Splat : In the level Computer Room Lockdown (where you can shoot the 13 computer terminal screens at the beginning of the level to get to the secret room). When the camera pans to the third scene, with the fire extinguishers and the staircase is in front of you, I'm not sure exactly what must be done, but if you shoot enough stuff you'll get access to a secret room called 'Spider Splat' where you have to shoot spiders that drop from the ceiling and save a woman.

Area 51 (R3000) et M.A.M.E.

0.82u1 [Brian Troha]
0.79u2 [Brian Troha]
0.62 [Aaron Giles]

Artwork available
HardDisk required

- Crash at high-score screen. MrBadAxe (ID 03114)
- [possible] The language options don't work. El Condor / Luigi30 (ID 01154)
- area51, policetr: [possible] Aiming cursor not calibrating well. John IV (ID 00789)

- 0.140u2: Fixed rom names in clone Area 51 (Atari Games license).
- 0.137u3: Fixed rom names in clone Area 51 (Time Warner License).
- 0.126u4: Guru added README for Area 51.
- 11th February 2007: Mr. Do - We have a instruction card for Area 51.
- 0.82u1: Made R3000 version of Area 51 parent set [smf]. Renamed (area51) to (area51t) and (a51r3k) to (area51).
- 0.81u9: Changed description to 'Area 51 (Time Warner License)' and clone '(Oct 25, 1995)' to '(Atari Games License)'. Guru added new hard disk to Area 51 (Time Warner License).
- 27th April 2004: Guru - Got a local loan of Area 51 (Time Warner version), which I've dumped already. Thanks to Tony.
- 0.81u7: Brian Troha added clone Area 51 (R3000). Still needs speedup finding.
- 0.79u2: Brian Troha added Area 51 (Nov 15, 1995). Changed 'Area 51' to clone 'Area 51 (Oct 25, 1995)'. Renamed (area51) to (area51a).
- 10th February 2004: Brian Troha added a newer version of Area 51 to the Cojag driver.
- 0.75u1: Aaron Giles fixed 'Speedup' in clone Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo (R3000).
- 0.74u1: MAME now recognises off-screen shots with the Act-Labs gun in a way which works better with certain drivers (Area 51 etc.) [Bryan McPhail].
- 22nd November 2002: Aaron Giles fixed a palette management bug that affected Area 51.
- 0.62: Aaron Giles added Area 51 (Atari 1995).
- 30th October 2002: Aaron Giles sent in the long-delayed Cojag driver, supporting Area 51, Maximum Force and Vicious Circle complete with perfect sound emulation.


Romset: 2052 kb / 5 files / 597.1 zip
Harddisk: 1.19 GB (CYLS: 2484, HEADS: 16, SECS: 63 - Compressed: 517.6)
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