Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)

Arcade 1994 Midway Shooter Gun
A first-person shooter featuring the multi-platinum selling rock band Aerosmith.

It's 1996 and the US have been taken over by the New Order Nation. The group, led by their commander Mistress Helga, have declared war on youth culture, banning music, TV and video games in the process. Meanwhile at a gig in Los Angeles, members of Aerosmith are captured by the NON. With a machine gun in your hand and the strongest weapon of them all, music, it is your task to end the regime of the New Order Nation and free the Aerosmith members.

Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)

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  • maincpu TMS34020 (@ 40 Mhz)
  • dcs ADSP-2105 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • DMA-driven DAC
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 253
  • Fréquence 54.81517 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 3
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle stick

Screenshots de Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)

Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94) - Screen 1
Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94) - Screen 2
Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94) - Screen 3
Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94) - Screen 4
Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94) - Screen 5

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Tips sur Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)

* "Trog"!: To see one of the Trogs, you MUST destroy the black cat on the brick wall. After having doing so, you'll notice a palm tree behind the brick wall. Quickly blast the palm tree with a CD. If you are successful, Trog will pop out of the tree and waddle his way across the brick wall. He will gain speed back and forth like the cat. If you shoot him a certain amount of times, you will have access to yet another hidden area in the game.
The reason behind Trog's inclusion? After having such a harrowing time with the Trog project, Petro and Haeger wanted to have an opportunity to blow him away repeatedly in their offices!

* Game Lock-Up: If you manage to blow up the NON bus while it is going off screen at the end of the level the game wil freeze up. The coins can still be put in the machine and you can add more players but the game just stand there until the operator resets the machine.

Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94) et M.A.M.E.

0.57 [Aaron Giles]

Artwork available

- The game will automatically ask you to calibrate the guns when you start the game for the first time. Simply use your mouse or keyboard to "target" the top left corner when the game asks so. There aren't any visual cues to help this, so you'll have to go by the numerical coordinates that are visible on the screen. The numbers you see are in a simple 8-bit scale going from 0 to 255. To "target" the top left corner, keep moving your mouse until you get P1 X and P1 Y as near to 0 as possible. The middle is located at about 127, 127, and the bottom right corner as close to 255 as possible. Repeat the process for the second player. As for the light gun, the short answer is no. A longer answer is that the game didn't actually have a light gun - it had analog joysticks mounted as guns, and emulating them with a proper light gun is not viable. Try to use mouse control with this game.

- Custom chip fails in POST. BarnacleEd (ID 03228)

- 0.138u4: Revolution X now load (but don't yet use) the decapped MCU (revx_16c57.bin) [Dr. Decapitator]. No CPU core for this yet.
- 27th June 2010: Guru - The PIC16C57 for Revolution X has now been successfully processed (decap, de-protect & read).
- 0.137u2: Howard Casto hooked up Gun outputs (Recoil and LED) for Revolution X.
- 0.129u4: Guru added PALs and readme to Midway X-unit driver. Added plds ($0, 200 - a-17722.u1, a-17721.u955).
- 9th January 2009: Mr. Do - Kiltron did his thing again on Revolution X bezel (sorry Arbee, it had to be done).
- 0.122u6: Aaron Giles hooked up Revolution X DCS reset line. Signaled IRQ on correct CPU when DCS sends data back. Changed TMS34020 CPU1 clock speed to 40MHz.
- 9th May 2007: Aaron Giles - Having recently touched all of the TMS34010-based games led me to start looking into some long-standing issues with some of the Williams/Midway Z/Y/X/Wolf-unit games. The first thing to do was to add save state support to them, because playing Revolution X more than once to get to the place where the video craps out is not for the faint of heart. This was relatively straightforward, and also had the side benefit of making some useful data available in the debugger (such as the local_videoram array and the dma_registers array). Side note: any array or pointer you register with state_save_register_global_array/_pointer automatically becomes a viewable option in a memory window in the debugger. This is very handy if you need to expose any internal state. Anyway, it turned out that the Revolution X bug was caused by over-aggressive masking in the blitter code. It was masking out one too many bits in the clipping window and this led to the right edge of the clip window being less than the left edge, effectively clipping out everything during the blit. Hence the black screen.
- 0.114u2: Aaron Giles fixed Revolution X gameplay/finish a level.
- 0.114u1: Changed visible area to 399x253 and VSync to 54.815170 Hz.
- 0.107u3: ClawGrip updated Revolution X input ports to use IPT_BILL1 for bill acceptors.
- 0.106u1: Changed Light gun input to Stick.
- 0.79u2: Replaced Custom sound with DMA-driven DAC.
- 0.78u4: Changed region cpu2 to sound1.
- 0.74: Changed ADSP2105 clock speed to 10MHz.
- 24th April 2003: Aaron Giles fixed the sound in Revolution X that got broken with the Mac changes.
- 0.67: Changed description to 'Revolution X (Rev. 1.0 6/16/94)'.
- 0.63: Changed visible area to 400x254.
- 22nd November 2002: Aaron Giles fixed the security failure in Revolution X.
- 0.61: Light gun support [Bryan McPhail].
- 10th June 2002: Brad Oliver fixed bugs in the Revolution X driver and Atari RLE decoding that affected MacMAME.
- 0.57: Aaron Giles added Revolution X (Midway 1994).


Romset: 22537 kb / 47 files / 14.5 zip
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