Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0)

Arcade 1999 Midway Shooter Gun
There was a time, thousands of years ago when 'visitors' arrived on earth and chose humans for a great experiment. They gave humans the ability to learn in order to watch them evolve and expand their minds beyond their primitive means.
Now the experiment is complete and the 'visitors' have returned to harvest their crop. At this moment, their great ships are arriving at major cities around the globe preparing to conquer and claim what is rightfully theirs... the human race.

To stop the invasion you must complete 4 separate missions by defeating the invading aliens that are abducting and mutating humans, snatching monuments and creating havoc in the world. The fate of the plant is in your hands!
Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0)

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  • maincpu TMS32032 (@ 60 Mhz)
  • dcs2 ADSP-2104 (@ 16 Mhz)
  • pic PIC16C57 (@ 8 Mhz)
  • DMA-driven DAC
  • DMA-driven DAC
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 255
  • Fréquence 56.665468 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 1
  • Type de contrôle lightgun

Screenshots de Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0)

Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0) - Screen 1
Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0) - Screen 2
Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0) - Screen 3
Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0) - Screen 4
Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0) - Screen 5

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Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0) et M.A.M.E.

0.122u4 [Brian Troha]
0.84u3 [Aaron Giles]

- 0.138u4: Invasion now load (but don't yet use) the decapped MCU (pic16c57.u76) [Dr. Decapitator]. I'm not convinced this one is good. Added PIC16C57 (8MHz) CPU3.
- 26th June 2010: Guru - The PIC16C57 (U76) for Invasion has now been successfully processed (decap, de-protect & read).
- 0.122u4: Brian Troha added 'Invasion - The Abductors (version 5.0)'. Changed 'Invasion (Midway)' to clone 'Invasion - The Abductors (version 4.0)'. Renamed (invasn) to (invasnv4).
- 0.122u3: Changed VSync to 56.665468 Hz.
- 0.122u1: Aaron Giles fixed Invasion - Game now playable. Fixed lightgun offset and ROM-based DCS2 system to ignore HLE transfers (fixes broken sound in Invasion). Properly reduced internal memory on the ADSP-2104 variants. Changed VSync to 56.098788 Hz.
- 0.121u4: Aaron Giles added lightgun support to Invasion. Removed buttons 2-6.
- 0.121: Replaced TMS32031 CPU1 with TMS32032 (60MHz).
- 0.120u2: Changed visible area to 400x256.
- 0.84u3: Aaron Giles added Invasion (Midway) (Midway 1999).


Romset: 28680 kb / 15 files / 25.9 zip
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