Gradius 4: Fukkatsu

Arcade 1998 Konami Shooter Flying Horizontal
The 4th game in the "Gradius" series brings a considerable graphical upgrade, particularly with the use of colored lighting but the core gameplay remains relatively unchanged. In addition, there are several additions and removals to the vaulted weapons system; specifically, the edit mode has been removed.
Gradius 4: Fukkatsu

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  • maincpu PowerPC 403GA (@ 32 Mhz)
  • audiocpu 68000 (@ 16 Mhz)
  • dsp ADSP21062 (@ 36 Mhz)
  • RF5C400 (@ 16 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Resolution 255 x 255
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Number of players 2
  • Number of buttons 3
  • Kind of controler joy (8 ways)

Gradius 4: Fukkatsu Screenshots

Gradius 4: Fukkatsu - Screen 1
Gradius 4: Fukkatsu - Screen 2
Gradius 4: Fukkatsu - Screen 3
Gradius 4: Fukkatsu - Screen 4
Gradius 4: Fukkatsu - Screen 5

Videos of Gradius 4: Fukkatsu

Gradius IV - 1 CCupto Loop2 Stage23 40:15

Gradius IV - 1 CCupto Loop2 Stage23

jammaplay - 7 view(s)
Gradius IV - 1 CCupto Loop2 Stage23 by Alamone
Gradius IV - 2nd Loop Clear 36:39

Gradius IV - 2nd Loop Clear

jammaplay - 13 view(s)
Gradius IV - 2nd Loop Clear by Alamone
Gradius IV - Round6 Stage1 02:26

Gradius IV - Round6 Stage1

jammaplay - 8 view(s)
Gradius IV - Round6 Stage1 by BGR44
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Tips on Gradius 4: Fukkatsu

* Power meters:
1) Option 1: Nemesis
- Missile: Falls to the ground, then slides along it until it hits something.
- Double: Fires a bullet at 45 degrees up as well as forward.
- Laser: Replaces your bullets with a blue beam.
2) Option 2: Mega-Destruction
- Spread Bomb: Large explosion of death.
- Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards.
- Laser: The infamous Toothpaste Laser.
3) Option 3: The Third Way
- Photon Torpedo: Similar to standard missile, but goes straight through enemies.
- Double: Fires a bullet at 45 degrees up as well as forward.
- Pulse: Salamander's ripple laser.
4) Option 4: Salamander
- 2-Way: Bombs fall up and down.
- Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards.
- Pulse: Salamander's ripple laser, in a nice shade of red.
5) Option 5: Harbinger of Doom
- Vertical Mine: Detonates after a delay in a large vertical explosion.
- Double: Fires a bullet at 45 degrees up as well as forward.
- Armour Piercing: Powerful bullets that pass through multiple enemies.
6) Option 6: Vanguard of Chaos
- Flying Torpedo: Twin missiles shoot forward after release.
- Tail Gun: Fires backwards as well as forwards.
- Twin Laser: Last seen in Gradius III, twin sets of short beams.

* 2nd Loop Start : in Power Meter selection screen, input Up(x2), Down(x2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Button-2 (Shot), Button-3 (Missile). You will be able to start the game with 2nd loop and the password will be displayed in Game Over screen. This password was required on 'Gradius IV Internet Ranking' (now, this was finished though).

Gradius 4: Fukkatsu and M.A.M.E.

0.86 [Ville Linde]

Artwork available

- MAME crashes doing MASKROM check. BarnacleEd (ID 04138)
- "JVS NOT FOUND" error on startup. BarnacleEd (ID 04139)
- LED indicates an error condition. AWJ (ID 00122)
- Triagular sections of background glitch. AWJ (ID 00123)
- 24KHz and 15KHz display issue. AWJ (ID 00125)

- 0.133u3: R. Belmont fixed wrong pitch in 'Gradius 4: Fukkatsu' sound. Changed RF5C400 sound clock speed to 16934400 Hz.
- 0.127u3: Aaron Giles fixed can't pass setup (cheat engine problem) in Gradius 4.
- 0.127u2: Added M48T58Y RTC/NVRAM timekeeper rom.
- 9th July 2008: Mr. Do - Added instruction card for Gradius IV, thanks to Tormod.
- 0.125u7: Aaron Giles fixed 3D gfx problem in Gradius 4
- 0.120u4: Aaron Giles fixed garbage graphics in Gradius 4.
- 0.113u3: Ville Linde fixed several SHARC opcodes where data transfer was done regardless of the condition. This fixes many things, probably all the remaining clipping issues in Gradius 4. At least the planet zooming out in the intro works now.
- 0.109u3: Major rewrite of the SHARC core [Ville Linde]: Bit-accurate reciprocals. More accurate pipeline emulation. Fixed the problems with operation latencies. Regression tested a few floating-point operations for bit-accurate results. Improved DMA emulation. This update will fix most (but not all) of the clipping problems in Gradius 4 and NBA Play by Play.
- 0.102u2: Aaron Giles rewrote the Voodoo emulation code and added proper edges calculated for polygons (stars appear in Gradius 4 now).
- 0.102u1: Added RF5C400 stereo sound. Changed region user4 to sound1.
- 0.102: Ville Linde fixed Gradius 4 - Game now playable. Fixed user5 rom loading. Added dipswitches 'Screen Flip (H)/(V)', 'Harness' and 'Monitor Type'.
- 9th November 2005: Ville Linde - Fixed a DMA latency issue in the SHARC core. The graphics problems in Gradius 4 are now fixed.
- 7th November 2005: Ville Linde - Fixed another bunch of SHARC bugs and added a few more opcodes. Most of the missing graphics are now showing in Gradius 4, but they are still rather broken, probably due to some more SHARC bugs.
- 30th October 2005: Ville Linde - I've continued to add features and fix bugs in the SHARC core. Now the SHARC is sending the first triangle commands to the Voodoo. For now it's limited to some non-textured triangles in the color test screen and the stars in the background of the first level.
- 24th October 2005: Ville Linde - Fixed some stupid mistakes and added a few more SHARC opcodes and now Gradius 4 gets ingame. Most of the graphics are still missing as they are done with the 3dfx chips.
- 0.97u2: Ville Linde fixed Gradius 4 data ROM mapping.
- 0.97u1: Added ADSP21062 (36MHz) CPU3. Changed user4 to user5 roms. Added dipswitches 'Test Mode', '24/15KHz' and 'DIP2-DIP7'.
- 5th June 2005: Ville Linde - Turns out that Konami Hornet and NWK-TR games require some preformatted data in their backup RAMs (probably as a protective measure). So far I've managed to find the correct values for Gradius 4, Silent Scope, Racing Jam and Racing Jam 2, leaving Silent Scope 2 and Thrill Drive to be done. Gradius 4 gets further, but ends up stuck on the next screen without working controls.
- 25th May 2005: Ville Linde - I've continued my progress on my Analog Devices ADSP-2106x SHARC core. The results are finally starting to show. Gradius IV already passes all of its bootup tests. The 3Dfx chips have also been hooked up already. Unfortunately the game is protected, like all the other Hornet games.
- 0.86: Ville Linde added Gradius 4: Fukkatsu (Konami 1999) and various other Konami PPC based games: GTI Club, Silent Scope, Silent Scope 2, Racing Jam, Racing Jam: Chapter 2, Thrill Drive, Midnight Run and Winding Heat. These are to demonstrate the PPC core in action, they contain only very preliminary emulation and do nothing more than display the initial test screens.
- 21st February 2003: Guru - Gradius 4 (Konami 1998) arrived. Special thanks to Gin (our Japanese contact) for making it all happen again. The dumping project wishes to thank all the people who donated towards this particular raid, including Gin, slaanesh, gnoppi, Louis T., wtc4ever, Renaud D., phys32, R. Belmont, fiji, Amnios and an anonymous donator.

Romset: 31240 kb / 11 files / 12.9 zip
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