Final Fight (World, set 1)

Arcade 1989 Capcom Fighter 2.5D
Jessica, the daughter of the city Mayor Mike Haggar has been kidnapped by the evil 'Mad Gear' gang. Set in the fictional Metro City, Haggar rounds up two of his closest friends, Guy and Cody, and sets out to battle Mad Gear's gang members and ultimately rescue his daughter.

1 or 2 players choose to play as either Guy, Cody or Haggar in this superb, sideways scrolling beat-em-up. As well as the standard punch and kick moves, each character also has a special attack. This move is powerful enough to fell several enemies at once, but with the trade-off that each time a special attack is executed, some of the player's energy is lost. Energy levels can be replenished by finding the food that lies hidden in certain crates and barrels. Some of the Mad Gear gang members will drop a weapon when they are felled. These weapons can then be picked up and used by the players.

After the benchmark-setting "Double Dragon", released by Technos in 1987, Final Fight would become the standard-bearer of the scrolling beat-em-up genre. Featuring a large variety of distinctive, well animated characters moving through colorful and detailed backgrounds, and with a control system that is as intuitive as it is complex, Final Fight is still considered to be the finest example of its kind.
Final Fight (World, set 1)

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • audiocpu Z80 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • YM2151 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • OKI6295 (@ 1 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Resolution 255 x 224
  • Frequency 59.629403 Hz
  • Number of players 2
  • Number of buttons 3
  • Kind of controler joy (8 ways)

Final Fight (World, set 1) Screenshots

Final Fight (World, set 1) - Screen 1
Final Fight (World, set 1) - Screen 2
Final Fight (World, set 1) - Screen 3
Final Fight (World, set 1) - Screen 4
Final Fight (World, set 1) - Screen 5

Videos of Final Fight (World, set 1)

Final Fight - Stage 3 And 4 10:19

Final Fight - Stage 3 And 4

jammaplay - 2 view(s)
Final Fight - Stage 3 And 4 by versa
Final Fight - Stage1 And 2 08:18

Final Fight - Stage1 And 2

jammaplay - 3 view(s)
Final Fight - Stage1 And 2 by versa
Final Fight - Stage5 12:19

Final Fight - Stage5

jammaplay - 10 view(s)
Final Fight - Stage5 by versa
Final Fight - Stage6 16:04

Final Fight - Stage6

jammaplay - 4 view(s)
Final Fight - Stage6 by versa
Final Fight - Title Demo 01:29

Final Fight - Title Demo

jammaplay - 9 view(s)
Final Fight - Title Demo by versa
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Tips on Final Fight (World, set 1)

* At the front of the train of Level 2, stand on the barrel and let the clock get to about 45. You will skip the section without defeating the Mad Gear guys.

* Special Endings : Finish the game without having to continue to see an additional credit sequence (meet the staff).

* Hidden Stuff :
Gaining extra points : To gain jewels and other high points items from breakable stuff like barrels, dustbins. Execute the jump+down attack move. (Cody - headbutt, Guy - Elbow). When doing the move, rapidly jag controller left to right. Usually, jewels will appear instead of other cheap things.
Crewing Gum : When fighting Eddie B. (Cop), you will notice that he spit out a wad of gum. That thing will give you about half a life if you pick it up.
Last Boss : Cody is able to punch away the bolts that the last boss fires. No other character can do it.
Off the wall attack : Besides doing the normal off the wall flying kick, you can change it into a flying elbow drop by doing down+attack.
Hidden Gems : On the way to the last boss, there is a stage when there are some pillars. Located at the bottom of each pillar are gems. Make sure you get them.

* Super Combo : This super combo can be easily executed with Cody or Guy, but it's a bit tougher with Haggar. To begin, initiate a punching combo (press attack, attack, attack for Cody or Guy) or (attack, attack for Haggar.) While you're pressing these buttons, hold the D-pad AWAY from your enemy. Before you do your final ending combo blow, you will throw the enemy, delivering massive damage!
Note : You can also start this combo with a jumping knee (jump and hold down, press attack) to deal even more damage! (This will not work for Haggar).
There's an easier way to do this: simply pull the joystick down while punching and the combo will finish throwing the enemy.

* Cody is the only character who can attack with a knife without throwing it. Press Attack while standing next to an enemy to stab them.

Final Fight (World, set 1) and M.A.M.E.

0.31 [Paul Leaman]

Artwork available

- Clone fcrash: Missing graphic in "10 seconds continue" screen Roberto Zandona (ID 01736)

- 0.146: Team CPS-1 fixed clone (Japan 900305) ROMs labels and locations, added PCB infos to CPS1 video driver.
- 0.145u4: Bonky0013 and JacKc added clone Final Fight (World, set 2). Changed parent description to 'Final Fight (World, set 1)'.
- 0.144u1: Team CPS-1 fixed clones Final Fight (USA, set 2) and (Japan 900112) ROMs labels and positions.
- 0.143: Brian Troha and The Dumping Union added clone Final Fight (USA, set 2). Changed description of clone '(USA)' to '(USA, set 1)'.
- 0.140u2: Team CPS-1 removed incorrect roms relationship between parent/clones in ffightj, ffightj1 and ffightj2.
- 0.139: Renamed (ffightj1) to (ffightj2) and (ffightj2) to (ffightj1).
- 0.136u2: Mamesick fixed bad sound in clone Final Crash (bootleg of Final Fight).
- 1st January 2010: JacKc - My dear friend Bonky0013 received last week a Final Fight JP Board. He has discovered that this board is the famous Final Fight Bootleg hack which you can play as ennemies characters (hack which is also on the CPS1 14in1). This is an official and original Final Fight JAP CPS-B-21 Board. The EPROMS have been modified and phoenixed. The BOARD uses a GAL instead of a PAL. It has been dumped, verified and works fine on MAME and FBA.
- 0.136: Bonky0013, JacKc and Fabio Priuli added clone Street Smart / Final Fight (Japan, hack).
- 0.126u5: Added A-board PLDs (buf1, ioa1, prg1, rom1 and sou1) and B-board PLDs (iob1.11e and s224b.1a).
- 0.126u1: Changed description of clone 'Final Crash (World, bootleg)' to 'Final Crash (bootleg of Final Fight)'.
- 0.124u5: Chack'n added clone Final Fight (Japan 900112).
- 0.124u4: Added sound to clone Final Crash [Nicola Salmoria, Corrado Tomaselli, Charles MacDonald].
- 13th January 2008: Mr. Do - Some more bezels from the BYOAC/CAG artwork: Final Fight.
- 0.118u4: Corrado Tomaselli added clone Final Fight (US). Renamed (ffightua) to (ffightub) and (ffightu) to (ffightua).
- 29th August 2007: Corrado Tomaselli dumped Final Fight (US).
- 0.116u1: Roberto Zandona fixed offset for sprite and layers in clone Final Crash (World, bootleg).
- 0.109u5: Roberto Zandona fixed priorities and the offset of layer 3 in clone Final Crash (World, bootleg).
- 0.105u1: Replaced 128k gfx2 roms with 512k (parent set) in clone (US 900613).
- 0.104u9: Murray Melvin added clone Final Fight (US 900613).
- 0.100u2: David Haywood added clone Final Crash (World, bootleg).
- 19th September 2005: Corrado Tomaselli dumped Final Crash (World, bootleg).
- 0.86u4: Changed description of clone 'Final Fight (Japan set 1)' to '(Japan)' and '(Japan set 2)' to '(Japan 900305)'.
- 0.69b: Razoola added clone Final Fight (Japan set 2). Changed description of clone '(Japan)' to '(Japan set 1)'.
- 0.63: Changed description of clone 'Final Fight (US)' to 'Final Fight (US 900112)'. Added 'Game Mode' dipswitch.
- 0.61: Removed 3rd coin slot.
- 23rd April 2002: Karl Stenerud fixed a lot of undocumented behaviour thanks to information from Bart T. Filipe Estima submitted an addition of a third button to Final Fight, which is only enabled with cheats.
- 8th February 2002: Aaron Giles fixed the bug in FM timers which affected Final Fight and lots of other games.
- 0.35b2: Nicola Salmoria added clone Final Fight (US).
- 0.33b6: Changed description to 'Final Fight (World)' and clone to '(Japan)'.
- 0.33b3: Marco Cassili added clone Final Fight (Japanese).
- 0.31: Paul Leaman added Final Fight (Capcom 1989), preliminary with huge memory requirements.
- 24th October 1996: Dumped Final Fight (World).

ARCADE RELEASE: Final Fight (Capcom) - 1987/Dec/14

- Sometime in the 1990's... Metro City, a well known Crime Capital, has been ruled by violence and death for many years. A fact which the newly elected mayor and former Street Fighter, Mike Haggar, plans to change. At the center of the problem is the huge gang known as Mad Gear. Mad Gear controls all of the major criminal activity in the city. When they learned of Haggar's plans, they took immediate action to bring this new mayor under their control.


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Romset: 3394 kb / 19 files / 1.33 zip
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