Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053)

Arcade 1987 Sega Shooter Flying Vertical
A vertically scrolling shooter from Sega.
Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053)

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  • maincpu FD1094 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • soundcpu Z80 (@ 5 Mhz)
  • YM2151 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • uPD7759 (@ 0 Mhz)
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 255 x 224
  • Fréquence 60.054389 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 3
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053)

Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053) - Screen 1
Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053) - Screen 2
Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053) - Screen 3
Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053) - Screen 4
Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053) - Screen 5

Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053) et M.A.M.E.

0.88 [Charles MacDonald, Nicola Salmoria]

* Wanted: 317-0051/0052 FD1094 CPUs

- 0.129u5: Aaron Giles fixed Sonic Boom extensively writes to the debug console.
- 0.88u6: Changed description to 'Sonic Boom (FD1094 317-0053)'. Fixed gfx2 rom loading. Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz and palettesize to 6144 colors.
- 0.88u3: Added new 317-0053.key.
- 0.88u2: Added FD1094 317-0053.key to Sonic Boom.
- 0.88: Charles MacDonald and Nicola Salmoria added Sonic Boom (Sega 1987).
- 6th October 2004: Charles MacDonald - Here's Sonic Boom (System 16B, 317-0053) decrypted and running. Thanks to Thierry (aka ShinobiZ) for donating the Sonic Boom CPU and ROM board. A unique aspect of this game is that it only has one decryption state used in-game, apart from the vector fetch state. No compare instructions are issued, and the interrupt state is identical to the reset state. All of the exception handling code used for debugging is present in unencrypted 68000 code, though it's certainly for the development hardware as it writes to ROM often. So there is no way to get the FD1094 to execute unencrypted code, despite what this game seems to say.

LEVELS: 6 (endless)

Other Emulators:
* FB Alpha

Romset: 1064 kb / 19 files / 475.1 zip
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