Fire Hawk

Arcade 2001 ESD Shooter Flying Vertical
A vertical scrolling jet shoot them up, featuring both single & co-operative gameplay as well as a myriad of power ups. The players get to choose from 5 different jets each with it's own unique attributes & weapons. By collecting varies power ups during the missions the player's jet with be transformed into a stronger, more powerful version.
Fire Hawk

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 12 Mhz)
  • audiocpu Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • OKI6295 (@ 1 Mhz)
  • OKI6295 (@ 1 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 224
  • Fréquence 56 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de Fire Hawk

Fire Hawk - Screen 1
Fire Hawk - Screen 2
Fire Hawk - Screen 3
Fire Hawk - Screen 4
Fire Hawk - Screen 5

Tips sur Fire Hawk

To enter test mode, hold on Button1 at boot up.

Fire Hawk et M.A.M.E.

0.82 [Guru]

- To enter test mode, hold on button 1 at boot up.

- 0.133u1: Brian Troha added DIP locations to Fire Hawk.
- 0.122u1: David Haywood and Tomasz Slanina fixed Fire Hawk - Game now playable. Changed visible area to 256x224.
- 0.82u1: Pierpaolo Prazzoli moved Fire Hawk to the Afega driver and make it playable. But the game is actually still marked as non-working due to standard 'afega' hardware protection issues in attract mode. Added Z80 (4MHz) CPU2, changed visible area to 240x224 and palettesize to 768 colors. Added dipswitches 'Show Dip-Switch Settings', 'Difficulty', 'Demo Sounds', 'Number of Bombs', 'Lives', 'Region', 'Free Play', 'Continue Coins' and 'Coinage'.
- 0.82: Guru added Fire Hawk (ESD 2001).
- 27th April 2004: Guru - Received Fire Hawk from Randy, Gin, Smitdogg and many MAMEworld donators.


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* FB Alpha

Romset: 7808 kb / 8 files / 2.27 zip
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