Grind Stormer

Arcade 1992 Toaplan Shooter Flying Vertical
A vertically scrolling shoot 'em up from Toaplan.
Grind Stormer

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • audiocpu V25 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • YM2151 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 255 x 240
  • Fréquence 59.410646 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de Grind Stormer

Grind Stormer - Screen 1
Grind Stormer - Screen 2
Grind Stormer - Screen 3
Grind Stormer - Screen 4
Grind Stormer - Screen 5

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Tips sur Grind Stormer

* Hidden Functions : If the 'Invulnerability dip switch' is enabled, you are invulnerable but you may also 'Pause' the game with P2 Start and restart with P1 Start.

Grind Stormer et M.A.M.E.

0.141u4 [?]
0.36RC2 [Brian Troha]

Artwork available

- 0.141u4: Changed Grind Stormer to parent set. Changed VSync to 59.410646 Hz. Added dipswitches 'Copyright' and 'Unknown'.
- 0.141u1: Roberto Zandona and Alex Jackson added working sound to V-Five.
- 19th January 2011: Roberto Zandona - Dogyuun and Vfive: Decrypted enough to hear the music and sound effects.
- 0.135u1: David Haywood cleaned up Toaplan2 V25 support. Added V25 (10 MHz) CPU2 to V-Five.
- 0.134u1: Corrado Tomaselli verified clocks for V-five PCB.
- 0.133u1: Renamed (grindsta) to (grindstma).
- 0.127u2: Brian Troha changed VSync to 59Hz in V-Five and clones.
- 1st June 2008: Charles MacDonald - V25 research: There are a number of instructions which delay interrupt and exception processing, allowing one more instruction to be executed before the interrupt is taken. For the prefixes, this prevents an interrupt from being taken after the prefix byte has been fetched but before the instruction it applies to has been executed. Likewise for segment register loads, if an interrupt occurred after SS was changed, SP would be invalid. By delaying interrupts the following types of sequences become uninterruptible. It seems less important to have DS and ES register loads delay interrupts as well, I did not expect this behavior. I have been looking at the MCU code for other games and it seems that they use similar, if not identical instruction encodings, despite using differently labeled MCUs. V-Five in particular seems to match the Knuckle Bash opcodes quite closely, and when/if I can get Knuckle Bash decrypted, I'll see how much of V-Five can be decrypted.
- 21st January 2008: Mr. Do - Fixed the LAY file for V-Five (thanks orfax). You can simply grab that and replace the one in your current ZIP, instead of having to grab the whole thing.
- 13th January 2008: Mr. Do - I'm FINALLY getting to the rest of the instruction cards Tormod sent me about a year ago, it's the missing card from V-Five.
- 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 59.410646 Hz.
- 3rd December 2006: Mr. Do - We have the instruction card for V-Five from Tormod.
- 0.61: Added clone Grind Stormer (older set). Changed VSync to 59.410645Hz.
- 18th July 2001: THE SHEEP dumped Grind Stormer (older set).
- 0.37b9: Fixed cpu1 rom ($0) in V-Five and clone Grind Stormer.
- 0.37b6: Changed description to 'Grind Stormer'. Changed YM2151 clock speed to 3375000 Hz. Added 'Territory' dipswitch.
- 0.37b2: Added clone Grind Stormer (Korea). Changed parent description to 'V-Five (Japan)'.
- 0.36RC2: Brian Troha added V-Five (Toaplan 1993).
- 12th March 2000: Quench sent in a Toaplan2 update with support for Ghox, V-Five, Dogyuun and Batsugun.

LEVELS: 6 (must be finished twice)

Other Emulators:
* FB Alpha
* Raine

Romset: 2560 kb / 3 files / 1.04 zip
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