Exed Exes

Arcade 1985 Capcom Shooter Flying Vertical
An early vertically scrolling shoot'em up.
Exed Exes

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  • maincpu Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • audiocpu Z80 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • AY-3-8910A (@ 1 Mhz)
  • SN76489 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • SN76489 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 255 x 224
  • Fréquence 60 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de Exed Exes

Exed Exes - Screen 1
Exed Exes - Screen 2
Exed Exes - Screen 3
Exed Exes - Screen 4
Exed Exes - Screen 5

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Tips sur Exed Exes

* If you manage to shoot all the first few screens worth of enemies (which is much easier with two players) you get rewarded with a group of dragonflies moving across the top. Each dragonfly is worth 10,000 points.

* Watch out for WOPs, which are POWs in reverse. They reduce your power level.

* There are special POWs that turn enemies into fruit. They're not the pretty POW on a circular background - those give power-ups - these are just the word POW. If you find one of these, hold off on using it until you get several of the bigger enemies onscreen. They're worth 5,000 points in their fruit form.

Exed Exes et M.A.M.E.

0.27 [Richard Davies, Paul Swan]

- 0.146u5: Replaced SN76489 sound with SN76489_NEW.
- 0.142u3: Angelo Salese removed deprecat.h dependancy and updated irqs accordingly for Exed Exes.
- 0.135u2: Fabio Priuli added save state support to Exed Exes.
- 0.131u1: MooglyGuy merged memory maps in Exed Exes.
- 0.123u1: Changed palettesize to 1024 colors.
- 0.115u4: Lord Nightmare fixed Exed Exes to explicitly use the SN76489 now that it behaves differently from the SN76496. Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 3072000 Hz.
- 0.105u3: Removed 2nd AY8910 sound (Exed Exes uses a YM2149, MAME uses the compatible AY-8910).
- 24th August 2000: Zsolt Vasvari converted Exed Exes and Mysterious Stones to the tilemap system.
- 0.37b6: Added proms ($800, 900, a00 and b00 - interrupt/video timing, unknown (all 0) and unknown (priority?)).
- 6th August 2000: Nicola Salmoria implemented correct tile/sprite priority system in Exed Exes.
- 11th February 1999: Mirko Buffoni has made the interpolation stuff even better. Exed Exes example is about doubling with 50% transparent scanlines (left side), and Mr. Do! example is about doubling with linear interpolation (both sides) and 50% transparent scanlines (left side). All these things are of course off by default.
- 6th February 1999: Mirko Buffoni has made interpolation routines for MAME. You'll need a powerful machine for this: (it's like ZSNES).
- 0.33b6: Added proms to Exed Exes and clone Savage Bees ($0, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 - red, green, blue component, char lookup table, 32x32 tile lookup table, 16x16 tile lookup table, sprite lookup table and sprite palette bank)
- 0.31: Jim Hernandez added clone Savage Bees (Memetron 1985). Nicola Salmoria fixed sound in Exed Exes; it has one 8910 and two 76496, not two 8910.
- 0.29: Nicola Salmoria added the missing scrolling background to Exed Exes.
- 0.28: Many thanks to Luis Longeri for helpful tips about Exed Exes' background, which is now partially working. Added tilemap background rom c01_ee07.bin. Mike Balfour added high score saving to Exed Exes.
- 0.27: Preliminary Exed Exes (Capcom 1985) support, implemented by Richard Davies. Thanks to Paul Swan, it has 100% accurate colors. TODO: Find where tile ram is located and how it works, and whether banked ROMs contain code or only data. The structure of this game is similar to the other Capcom games. Control: Arrows = Move around Player 1, CTRL = Fire Player 1, ALT = Invulnerability Player 1, W,A,D,S = Move around Player 2, J = Fire player 2 and K = Invulnerability Player 2. Known issues: No background graphics.

LEVELS: 8 (game repeats itself until the player score 10 million points)

Other Emulators:
* FB Alpha

Romset: 179 kb / 24 files / 70.7 zip
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