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Super Mario Land 33:48
MineStorm II - Bug 06:41

MineStorm II - Bug

LA GLOBULE - 7 view(s)
Le jeu original ne bug pas contrairement à l'émulation proposée par MESS / UME. Bugs visibles à : - 2mn35 - 5mn23 - 6mn22 Ayant dosé ce jeu pendant mon enfance, je suis déçu de ne pas pouvoir me lancer dans un run correct (cela peut durer 2 heures). INP download :

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1CC 7 video(s)
Mes 1CC :)
MushihimeSama Futari - Black Label - Original 3 video(s)
Découverte du jeu suivie d'une petite phase d'adaptation au ranking, et enfin 1CC du jeu en Original.
ESPGaluda 4 video(s)
Série d'entrainement sur ESPGaluda en vue d'un 1CC


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Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (2003/01/01. Master Ver.)

Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (2003/01/01. Master Ver.)

The continuous industrialization that started in 1900, finally led to unavoidable consequences in the middle of the 21st century. The waterlevel rose worldwide and threatened many coastal countries. So the shorelines had to be modified In order to save the human civilization from drowning. It was a time of great confusion about the future, and nobody thought about war. Well, almost... There was one company called EVAC corporation, who made a great profit from underhand productions and exports of weapon systems. When the United Nations discovered their illegal trades, they pointed EVAC to the global ban of weapon imports and exports, and asked them to stop their productions and to destroy their weapon facilities immediately. EVAC rejected all accusations and refused to take any actions. So a preventive war was started by the United Nations to stop the EVAC corporation.
Super Aleste (Jpn)

Super Aleste (Jpn)

Super Aleste (スーパーアレスタ), known in North America as Space Megaforce, is a vertical-scrolling shooter video game, published by Toho and part of the Aleste series by Compile. In a traditional fashion, the player pilots a space ship through a variety of locales crawling with enemy squadrons to shoot down, though the story in the Japanese version is different from American and European ones. However, Super Aleste also offers a "Short Game", where only a set of small levels are played, with the emphasis on scoring as many points as possible. There are eight types of weapons to use, and each can be powered up by collecting chips (small spherical items). Picking up chips causes the player's current weapon to level-up, to a maximum of six. There are two types of chips to find; Orange chips contribute to a level-up, but at higher levels, more chips are required to reach the next level. Green chips make the weapon level up instantly. Each weapon has a function that can be manipulated with the Shot-Control button, changing around the weapon's abilities to suit different situations. Switching to another weapon is done by picking up a numbered item, with initials representing one of the eight weapons. The types are:
  • Multiple Shot: standard bullets, which can be set to fire in different patterns.
  • Laser: lightning gun, which can fire homing bolts or swiveling streams.
  • Multi-Direction Shot: plasma balls which are aimed by pressing the control pad before holding Fire, and can be controlled to either aim freely, or strafe.
  • Missile: shoot strong straight-firing missiles, or slightly less powerful homing missiles.
  • Circle: small Multiple Shot, and spheres orbit the player, rapidly damaging whatever they hit, and can be set to stop moving.
  • Power Shot: small Multiple Shot, hold Fire to charge up energy, and release to fire a continuous beam, can be set to charge quicker with no Multiple Shot.
  • Scatter: shoot bombs that split into bullets upon impact, can be set to fire at an angle based on horizontal movement.
  • Sprite: small ships follow the player, all able to shoot one stream of bullets each, can be set to lock positions.
In standard shooter fashion, the player is allotted a supply of smart bombs. Unlike in most games, these bombs don't render the player invincible, although they do block most enemy projectiles. Upon releasing a bomb, it creates an expanding ring of explosions that spread out, then converge.

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Ketsui - Full Run 47:28
Asterix 2 ALL 02:10:31

Asterix 2 ALL

goji' - 6 view(s)
No miss 1er loop, all second loop, game over au dernier stage du loop 3. Score final 269500 pts.
Espgaluda - No Miss Ageha 30:58

Espgaluda - No Miss Ageha

jammaplay - 251 view(s)
Espgaluda - No Miss Ageha by MrMonkeyMan
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