Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A)

Arcade 1998 Square / Namco Fighter Versus
A 3-D fighting game reminiscent of "Power Stone" by Capcom. The world's most brutal tournament has as its trophy the legendary weapon 'EHRGEIZ'. Fighters from around the world assemble to claim this prize and its mysterious power. Featuring interactive backgrounds.
Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A)

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  • maincpu CXD8661R (@ 100 Mhz)
  • sub H8/3002 (@ 16 Mhz)
  • C352 (@ 25 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 255
  • Fréquence 60 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 6
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A)

Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A) - Screen 1
Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A) - Screen 2
Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A) - Screen 3
Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A) - Screen 4
Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A) - Screen 5

Les clones de Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A)

Tips sur Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A)

* Extra Costume : Get 20 wins in VS mode when you choose Dasher Inoba

* Time Release Characters : You can select boss characters if satisfy the following conditions
Cloud : PCB works over 30 days
Tifa : PCB works over 60 days
Django : PCB works over 90 days

In the single mode, you can fight with Cloud or Tifa when defeat 8 CPU characters within 6min40.

* Ehrgeiz : In the final battle (VS True Django), Kill him by a sword (it's only item to damage but hidden in invisible box) to Ehrgeiz

Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A) et M.A.M.E.

0.77 [smf]

- 0.142u2: Changed description to 'Ehrgeiz (US, EG3/VER.A)' and clone 'Ehrgeiz (EG2/VER.A)' to 'Ehrgeiz (Asia, EG2/VER.A)'. Renamed (ehrgeiza) to (ehrgeizaa) and (ehrgeizj) to (ehrgeizja).
- 0.131u3: Uki added clone Ehrgeiz (Japan, EG1/VER.A).
- 0.98u3: smf fixed Ehrgeiz from crashing.
- 0.95u1: smf added clone Ehrgeiz (EG2/VER.A).
- 27th March 2005: Guru - Nothing spectacular to report, I've just dumped Ehrgeiz (version EG2 Ver.A).
- 21st March 2005: Guru - Ehrgeiz (version EG2 Ver.A) arrived. Purchased by Randy privately.
- 0.78: smf fixed user3 rom loading and input - Game now playable. Changed input to 2x Players, 6x buttons and 2x coin slots.
- 24th December 2003: smf sent in a driver for Namco System 12, supporting Aquarush, Ehrgeiz, Fighting Layer, Mr. Driller and Tekken 3.
- 0.77: smf added Ehrgeiz (EG3/VER.A) (Square/Namco 1998).
- 19th October 2002: Guru - Ehrgeiz Ver. A (Namco 1998, System 12) arrived. Thanks to Brian Troha for the loan of the boards.

Other Emulators:
* ZiNc

Romset: 41472 kb / 12 files / 26.6 zip
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