Super Fantasy zone world record

Thelk641 One life du premier et second loop, record du monde d'après, fais sur kega fusion avec une manette de ps1
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The Revenge Of Shinobi - No Miss Complete Run 31:20

The Revenge Of Shinobi - No Miss Complete Run

jammaplay - 4 view(s)
The Revenge Of Shinobi - No Miss Complete Run by BenShinobi
Giga Wing Generations - Level1 03:12

Giga Wing Generations - Level1

jammaplay - 8 view(s)
Giga Wing Generations - Level1 by Rob
TAS NES Battle City JPN in 1300 35 by N?K 13:23

TAS NES Battle City JPN in 1300 35 by N?K

TASvideos - 0 view(s)
In Battle City, your goal is to destroy enemy tanks while trying to keep them away from your base. Each level includes 20 enemies as well as some obstacles, like the weak red bricks, armored silver bricks, water and ice, which you can use to your advantage. The basic tank you start with can also be powered up little by little throughout the game. In this run, N?K rolls through the game speedily while losing a little bit of time to entertain with amusing shooting patterns and making the scenery into recognizable letters and shapes. Spoiler: Hover over the screenshot.
no miss 3 17:34

no miss 3

Yace - 1 view(s)
ESPRADE - Stage3 Bay Area 01:54

ESPRADE - Stage3 Bay Area

jammaplay - 10 view(s)
ESPRADE - Stage3 Bay Area by Bill307
Rez - Score Attack Level5 21:40

Rez - Score Attack Level5

jammaplay - 5 view(s)
Rez - Score Attack Level5 by Zerstorung
Mushihimesama - Original ALL 32:04

Mushihimesama - Original ALL

jammaplay - 4 view(s)
Mushihimesama - Original ALL
Ikaruga - VTFINO 03:46

Ikaruga - VTFINO

jammaplay - 15 view(s)
Ikaruga - VTFINO
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