Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3)

Arcade 1997 Midway Platform Fighter
A sequel to the 1986 original, Rampage World Tour once again has George, Lizzie, and Ralph bent on a trail of destruction. The 'World Tour' of the title refers to the fact that the action now takes place around the entire world, instead of just North America. Graphics are much improved and a kick button has been added to allow even more chaos.

Hidden bonus items have also been added to the game; two examples are an item that allows any player character to transport to almost any location in the game instantly. A second gives the players more destructive power. Some stages have a vat of toxic chemicals that can mutate any player character into a huge purple bat-like creature called V.E.R.N (Violently Enraged Radioactive Nemesis) for the duration of the stage.
Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3)

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  • maincpu TMS34010 (@ 50 Mhz)
  • dcs ADSP-2105 (@ 10 Mhz)
  • DMA-driven DAC
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Resolution 255 x 253
  • Frequency 54.81517 Hz
  • Number of players 3
  • Number of buttons 3
  • Kind of controler joy (8 ways)

Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) Screenshots

Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) - Screen 1
Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) - Screen 2
Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) - Screen 3
Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) - Screen 4
Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) - Screen 5

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Tips on Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3)

* A Few Lesser-Known Items of Interest
1) Calculator : Grab a calculator before snagging a bonus power to multiply the effects of that power.
2) Scumlab Triangle : Punching this symbol instantly destroys all on-screen vehicles.
3) Rubber Duckie : Make the duck quack five times to call the jet bombers and evacuate the city earlier than usual.
4) Allergic Reactions : Eating certain foods may make you sneeze. Ralph is allergic to cats, Lizzie is allergic to birds, and George is allergic to dogs.
5) Backoff Bellow : Right after another player pops you in the face, pull down on your Joystick and press the Kick Button. You will Bellow at him and leave him dazed.

* A Few Secret Codes : Secret codes must be entered when the name of the appropriate city is displayed. The effect lasts while the Creatures are in that city. A brief message will confirm if the code was entered correctly.

1) Fatty Foods : This code enables an individual Creature to digest fatty foods better. All people eaten by this Monster award 3X their normal health increase...
GEORGE : (U + J,J,J)
LIZZY : (U + P,P,P)
RALPH : (U + K,K,K)
When To Use : At the end of every Jumbo Jet Ride... prior to the start of every World Tour

2) Iron Guts : This code enables an individual Creature to avoid stomach upset. Bad Stuff, that would normally make one puke, now builds up a player's health...
When To Use : Each time you return to a US City after taking a World Tour.

3) Food-O-Rama : This code fills all buildings with Good Stuff to eat. Note that ALL of the buttons indicated below must be pushed, regardless of the number of players...
When To Use : Washington DC, Moab, Nashville and Kodiak... And every fourth city in a World Tour, as well...London, Kiev, Casablanca and Rio

4) Load Up : This code loads the city with every possible Special Power. Note that ALL of the buttons indicated below must be pushed, regardless of the number of players...
When To Use : Philadelphia, Carbondale, Santa Fe and Honolulu.

5) Secret Racks : This code sends the players to a rack, or level, that cannot be reached any other way. Note that ALL of the buttons indicated below must be pushed, regardless of the number of players.
When To Use : Enter the code in Atlanta and find yourself in the food rich world of SUBURBIA.
Enter the code in Louisville, and find yourself in the SCUMLAB BIOWEAPON WAREHOUSE.
Enter the code in chilly Fairbanks to discover the steamy secret of EUSTAS DEMONIC'S UNDERWORLD CONNECTION.
Enter the code in Phoenix to learn what's hidden at secret Government AREA 69.

6) The Ten-City Jump (Rack Advance) : This code lets the players jump ahead ten racks or so...making it much easier to reach the exciting finale on the surface of the moon! (...and YES, the rumors are true about what happens in the final moments of the arcade game...) Note that ALL of the buttons indicated below must be pushed, regardless of the number of players.
When To Use : Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Fargo and Reno.

* You can make your character fly. Climb up a building and jump, now start tapping the punch button steadily, your character will start flapping his hands like bird-wings and will start sort-of gliding.

Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3) and M.A.M.E.

0.37b5 [Aaron Giles]

Artwork available

- 0.122u6: Changed TMS34010 CPU1 clock speed to 50MHz.
- 9th May 2007: Aaron Giles - Having recently touched all of the TMS34010-based games led me to start looking into some long-standing issues with some of the Williams/Midway Z/Y/X/Wolf-unit games. The first thing to do was to add save state support to them, because playing Revolution X more than once to get to the place where the video craps out is not for the faint of heart. This was relatively straightforward, and also had the side benefit of making some useful data available in the debugger (such as the local_videoram array and the dma_registers array). Side note: any array or pointer you register with state_save_register_global_array/_pointer automatically becomes a viewable option in a memory window in the debugger. This is very handy if you need to expose any internal state. The Save states helped to find the Rampage World Tour bug that led to a hang. It turns out that there was code that would read the incorrect status register in the blitter chip to see if it was done. The top bit is the important one, and happened to be 0 most of the time, so most of these incorrect checks happened to work. Occasionally, however, a certain blit would be issued that caused this bit to be set to 1, and then this check tended to fail and just hang indefinitely waiting for a phantom blit to finish.
- 0.114u2: Aaron Giles fixed hangs in Rampage: World Tour.
- 0.114u1: Changed visible area to 399x253 and VSync to 54.815170 Hz.
- 10th September 2006: Mr. Do - Added instruction card for Rampage World Tour.
- 0.79u2: Replaced Custom sound with DMA-driven DAC.
- 0.78u4: Changed region cpu2 to sound1.
- 0.74: Changed ADSP2105 clock speed to 10MHz.
- 0.63: Changed visible area to 400x254.
- 0.37b5: Aaron Giles added 'Rampage: World Tour (rev 1.3)' (Midway 1997) and clone (rev 1.1).
- 27th July 2000: Aaron Giles and Ernesto Corvi submitted the Williams Wolf Unit driver, which supports the following games perfectly with full sound: Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, NBA Maximum Hangtime, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, Rampage: World Tour and WWF Wrestlemania.


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