Xexex (ver EAA)

Arcade 1991 Konami Shooter Flying Horizontal
Fly the Flintlock TMF01 across several beautifully drawn stages and help save the Planet E-Square! A great horizontal scrolling shooter featuring some very large ships, lots of raster effects and one neat charge-shot.
Xexex (ver EAA)

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 16 Mhz)
  • audiocpu Z80 (@ 8 Mhz)
  • YM2151 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • K054539 (@ 0 Mhz)
  • Volume Filter
  • Volume Filter
  • Volume Filter
  • Volume Filter
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Resolution 255 x 255
  • Frequency 54.253472 Hz
  • Number of players 2
  • Number of buttons 2
  • Kind of controler joy (8 ways)

Xexex (ver EAA) Screenshots

Xexex (ver EAA) - Screen 1
Xexex (ver EAA) - Screen 2
Xexex (ver EAA) - Screen 3
Xexex (ver EAA) - Screen 4
Xexex (ver EAA) - Screen 5

Clones of Xexex (ver EAA)

Xexex (ver EAA) and M.A.M.E.

0.37b7 [Olivier Galibert]
0.36b4 [Olivier Galibert]

- xexex, xexexa, xexexj: Missing gfx effect. Kold666 (ID 03760)
- xexex and clones: Unresolved Issues. Source (ID 02571)
- xexex, xexexa, xexexj: Stage clear music overlapping boss music after finishing a level. Kitsune Sniper (ID 01604)
- Has wrong graphics when the flip screen is activated or is the 2-player turn in cocktail mode. Kale (ID 00807)

- 0.142u5: O. Galibert turn the K053250 into a modern device. MooglyGuy fixed crash during Mask Rom Test in Xexex. Changed region gfx3 to k053250.
- 0.142u4: Angelo Salese and O.Galibert implemented an almost complete Konami K053252 device emulation, adds accurate refresh rate timings and irq acks to Xexex.
- 0.137: David Haywood implemented default EEPROMs to Xexex.
- 0.136u1: Fabio Priuli added driver data struct and save states to Xexex.
- 0.135u4: Fabio Priuli updated Xexex to use EEPROM device and to use the new Konami video devices.
- 0.127u8: R. Belmont fixed Xexex checks halt with "VERSION ERROR".
- 0.125u7: Changed VSync to 54.253472.
- 0.125u4: Aaron Giles fixed crasher due to some Konami games using 8 layers in the K056832 implementation, even though it was only written for 4.
- 0.105u3: Corrado Tomaselli added clone Xexex (ver AAA). Fixed rom names.
- 25th April 2006: Corrado Tomaselli dumped Xexex (ver AAA).
- 0.98u2: Changed description to 'Xexex (ver EAA)' and clone 'Xexex (Japan)' to 'Xexex (ver JAA)'.
- 0.93: Added 4x Volume_Filter.
- 0.70u1: Konami updates and fixes [Acho A. Tang].
- 0.70: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 8MHz.
- 0.68: Various Konami related fixes and improvements [Acho A. Tang, R. Belmont].
- 5th June 2003: Acho A. Tang fixed various graphics, sound and gameplay glitchers in the Xexex driver.
- 0.57: Olivier Galibert added reverb to the 054539, improving sound in Xexex.
- 19th August 2001: Olivier Galibert fixed bugs in the tilemap and drawgfx routines which affected Xexex graphics.
- 25th February 2001: Olivier Galibert added road layer emulation and save states support to Xexex. However, the driver needs to be updated to include the save states.
- 0.37b12: All new set of functions for alpha blending support, used in Xexex [Olivier Galibert]. K054539 sound emulation, used in Xexex [Olivier Galibert].
- 7th February 2001: Olivier Galibert submitted the alpha blending update, and in addition to Xexex, also X-Men and Simpsons have translucent shadows.
- 2nd February 2001: Olivier Galibert added alpha blending support to the core and implemented it in Xexex.
- 29th January 2001: Olivier Galibert wrote 054539 sound chip emulation (thanks to CAB), and now Xexex and X-Men have sound.
- 28th January 2001: Nicola Salmoria fixed Xexex crashes on startup.
- 0.37b10: GFX fixes to Xexex [Olivier Galibert].
- 0.37b8: Added Z80 (5MHz) CPU2, YM2151 (4MHz), 054539 (48000 Hz) sound and sound1 roms ($0, 200000).
- 0.37b7: Olivier Galibert added Xexex (World) (Konami 1991) and clone (Japan).
- 31st August 2000: Nicola speed up the graphics decoding a bit and did some cosmetic changes to Xexex, but most of the graphics is still missing.
- 29th November 2000: Olivier Galibert sent in a huge Xexex driver update with a lot better graphics emulation, some sound-related and other fixes, however alpha blending layers are still not emulated.
- 30th August 2000: Olivier Galibert has resumed work on the Xexex driver, adding preliminary sprites and background emulation. Fortunately Olivier has vowed to perfect them at a later date, so you will see more and better pictures then.
- 0.36b4: Olivier Galibert added Xexex (Testdriver).
- 24th August 1999: Olivier Galibert sent in a preliminary Xexex driver with graphics and sprites missing.


Romset: 10881 kb / 15 files / 4.08 zip
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