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  • maincpu 68EC020 (@ 8 Mhz)
  • K054539 (@ 0 Mhz)
  • K054539 (@ 0 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 255
  • Fréquence 58 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 5
  • Type de contrôle dial

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Tips sur beatmania complete MIX 2 (ver JA-A)

* All Songs Mode : At the title screen, press the leftmost white key on the player 2 side exactly 9 times. Then press the middle white key 9 times. Finally, press the last white key 8 times. The screen should flash white. Now when you press the Effector button, 'All Music Mode' should be among the list of options. Use your side's turntable to turn on All Music Mode. You will now be able to select every song in the game on any stage.

* Get High Speed, Mirror, Random, etc. : When you are in the screen where you pick your songs, highlight the song you are going to play, then press the effector button 7 times. You should see something on the left side of the screen after you push it 7 times. Now hold the effector button down. The thing on the left should now stay visible. Hold the effector button down while pushing these buttons for modes :
Mirror - push left blue button once
Random - push left blue button twice
High Speed 1 - push right blue button once
High Speed 2 - push right blue button twice
High Speed 3 - push right blue button 3 times
Hidden - push middle white button once
Sudden - push middle white button twice
Stealth - push middle white button 3 times

Remember to hold the effector button down when pushing any of the buttons for the modes. To reset or 'turn off' any of the modes just hold the effector down at the song select screen and press the key until the thing on the left has all lines.

* Re-arranging songlist by Anothers : This only works for Hard mode, since Basic mode does not have Anothers. While selecting game type mode (Basic/Hard/Expert), hold the Effector key down and hit any key. This will then rearrange the songlist according to Another difficulties. If a song does not have an Another, it will be arranged to it's normal difficulty.
Note : You can still select the normal version of the song by hitting the two black keys on the highlighted song.

beatmania complete MIX 2 (ver JA-A) et M.A.M.E.

0.88u7 [?]
0.74u2 [?]
0.74u1 [?]

Artwork available
HardDisk required

- 0.88u7: Re-added beatmania complete MIX 2 (ver JA-A).
- 0.75: Changed description to 'hiphopmania complete MIX 2 (ver UA-A)'. Changed 68EC020 CPU1 clock speed to 8MHz.
- 0.74u2: Removed Beatmania Complete MIX 2. Changed clone 'Hiphopmania Complete MIX 2' to parent 'Hiphopmania Complete MIX 2 (ver UA-A)'.
- 0.74u1: Added Beatmania Complete MIX 2 (Konami 2000) and clone Hiphopmania Complete MIX 2.


Romset: 5120 kb / 10 files / 1.64 zip
Harddisk: 4.03 GB (CYLS: 8944, HEADS: 15, SECS: 63 - Compressed: 1.08)
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