Mr. Do!

Arcade 1982 Universal Maze Digging
Mr. Do! is a colourful and addictive maze game in which the player takes on the role of the eponymous Mr. Do, a circus clown, who must clear each level of either cherries or monsters. The game's single screen levels are made up of tunnels surrounded by a colourful, soil-like substance. This soil can be dug through to create new tunnels, allowing Mr. Do to escape his enemies and to reach the many cherries that litter the levels. A number of apples are also scattered around each level, and Mr. Do can push them along tunnels (to block and/or kill monsters) or can tunnel beneath them to drop them onto the heads of any pursuing enemies. Mr. Do himself can also be killed by a falling apple.

Mr. Do is armed with a 'Powerball' that can be fired down a tunnel, it will then bounce around the tunnels until it either returns to Mr. Do, or comes into contact with, and kills, one of the level's monsters. The Powerball regenerates immediately the first time you use it, but takes longer each time it is used to return to your hands. As each level progresses, the monsters themselves start to dig tunnels of their own in their pursuit of Mr. Do. Monsters can also push the apples.

Each screen has a doorway through which the monsters enter the level. Once all of the monsters have appeared, the doorway will turn into a 'prize', (ice cream, biscuits, etc.). If Mr. Do collects the prize, the 'Alphamonster' and his three 'Muncher' henchmen will appear. The Alphamonster may be in the EXTRA box at the top of the screen or be moving around the screen. The Alphamonster and the Munchers cannot be easily crushed under apples because they tend to eat them. They can be killed individually with the Powerball or by killing the Alphamonster itself, at which point any remaining Munchers will turn into apples.

After every three levels, there is a brief intermission in which a tune is played and a large, animated Mr. Do appears, together with some of the game's monsters. The time to complete each level and the preferred method (monsters, cherries, Alphamonsters, or Diamond) is shown. The paths in the first level resemble a 'D', after this each level's tunnels resemble a digit, ('2', '3', '4' etc.) up to '0' for level 10.

A level can be completed any one of several different ways : either by collecting all of the on-screen cherries; by killing all of the monsters, by completing the EXTRA box, or by collecting the diamond. The latter appears only very occasionally ('Special' awards an extra credit).
Mr. Do!

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  • maincpu Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • U8106 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • U8106 (@ 4 Mhz)
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 240 x 192
  • Fréquence 59.943237 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 1
  • Type de contrôle joy (4 ways)

Screenshots de Mr. Do!

Mr. Do! - Screen 1
Mr. Do! - Screen 2
Mr. Do! - Screen 3
Mr. Do! - Screen 4
Mr. Do! - Screen 5

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Scoring de Mr. Do!

Eating a cherry : 50 points.
Eating a series of 8 cherries in a row : 500 points bonus.
Killing a monster with your snowball : 500 points.
Killing one monster with one apple : 1000 points.
Killing two monsters with one apple : 2000 points.
Killing three monsters with one apple : 4000 points.
Killing four monsters with one apple : 6000 points.
Killing five or more monsters with one apple : 8000 points.
Collecting special (free credit) diamond : 8000 points.
Collecting bonus treat from empty monster home: 1000 points on level one, increasing incremently up to a maximum of 8000 points on level 22 onwards.

Tips sur Mr. Do!

* 255 Lives Tricks : It's possible to win 255 lives on the first screen, but only if an apple appears in the top two rows of the playfield.
1) Begin by digging a tunnel directly from the bottom of the screen to just below the apple, but leave enough dirt under it that it doesn't fall.
2) Next, kill all of the enemies but one, then lose all of your extra lives. As soon as you're on your last life, go right under the apple and wait.
3) Eventually, the remaining enemy will come after you. Allow the apple to drop, but, in the interval before you're squashed, kill the enemy with the powerball. If all has gone well, you'll be carried to the bottom of the screen, the music will go haywire for a moment, and you'll be awarded 255 extra lives.
4) Note that you should always lose a life before spelling 'EXTRA', or you'll roll back to zero lives, so, to be safe, immediately kill yourself at the start of level two.
5) IMPORTANT : This trick will only work with the Taito version of Mr. Do!.

* Here's A Neat Trick : You can divide the screen into a grid. The cherries, apples, and tunnel corners are all centered on a grid element. If you are being chased by the normal badguys (not ghosts) you can dig and stop between grid elements. The badguy will think it needs to turn into a digger to get you. While he's changing forms, you can escape.

* An Alphamonster will appear every time your score reaches a multiple of 5000.

Mr. Do! et M.A.M.E.

0.18 [Nicola Salmoria]
0.02 [Nicola Salmoria]

Artwork available

- Press CTRL + F3 for Test-Mode.

- "Mr Do" (Taito) side-by-side test. Gary Walton (ID 01025)

- 0.147: Replaced U8106 sound with U8106_NEW.
- 26th August 2012: 3D ARCADE - New Universal 3D cabinet model for Mr. Do! from Fossil.
- 0.144u4: Added, and made Mr. Do! use the U8106 soundchip, which as far as I can tell is 100% identical to the SN76489 non-a, pending further testing [Lord Nightmare, plgDavid]. Replaced the 2x SN76489 sound with U8106 (SN76489).
- 31st October 2011: Mr. Do - Thanks to inspiration from kelly, I gave the Mr. Do bezel the proper treatment. I taught myself how to use the pencil tool properly in Photoshop, and based on the scan from the BYOAC/CAG artwork, and various photos, I'm finally happy with the end result. We also learned that the original Mr. Do bezel had a pink border around the screen; the blue border version is for conversions. This updates the files for mrdo, docastle, sraider and jjack. Mr. Do also includes the marquee, which is based on zorg's vector work, the BYOAC/CAG version, and photos, to make sure that I got the colors and alignment on the inside of the marquee correct. I'll add the control panel and instruction sticker later, once I finish them correctly.
- 0.142u3: kunikuni fixed inaccurate color of "SCENE4" in Mr. Do!.
- 0.139u2: Phil Bennett fixed unable to enter Service Mode in all Mr. Do! sets.
- 0.136u4: Fabio Priuli added driver_data struct to Mr. Do!.
- 22nd February 2010: Mr. Do - Until such time that Zorg finishes up vectoring the Mr. Do bezel, I figured I could at least semi-correct the current vector version, so the Universal bezel has been brightened up and replaced for Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, Jumping Jack and Space Raider.
- 0.136u3: Oliver_A and Tafoid fixed incorrect XTALs in Mr. Do! cause for problems with refresh rate and game speed. Changed Z80 CPU1 and the 2x SN76489 clock speeds to 4.1MHz and VSync to 59.943237.
- 0.129: Aaron Giles corrected Mr. Do! clocks, video parameters and merged memory maps. MooglyGuy added savestate support to all Mr. Do! games.
- 9th July 2008: Mr. Do - Added the Gleeb Company version bezel to Mr. Do, scanned and vectored by Jeff Rothe. Also found part of a conversion overlay, and was able to recreate the conversion bezel I had played on so long ago.
- 0.125u5: Nicola Salmoria fixed colortable creation in Mr. Do! driver. Fixed diode voltage drop value which caused apples to be orange instead of red-orange. The title screen now perfectly matches including the logo outline.
- 0.123u2: Changed palettesize to 320 colors.
- 21st January 2008: Mr. Do - The current version of the Mr. Do bezel has incorrect tracing and completely wrong colors; Zorg is currently working on this one - YAY!
- 0.114u3: Replaced the 2x SN76496 sound with 2x SN76489.
- 0.114u1: Justin Szczap added DIP locations to Mr. Do.
- 4th August 2006: Mr. Do - Fixed the Mr. Do! bezel (it was bugging me that it was off center). Addy may fix this one even better later.
- 0.59: Changed parent description 'Mr. Do! (Universal)' to 'Mr. Do!' and clone '(Yukidaruma)' to '(prototype)'.
- 2nd February 2002: Mike Coates fixed scrolling in Mr. Do while flip screen is active.
- 0.37b10: Nicola Salmoria improved colors in Mr. Do!. Changed VSync to 61.166569 Hz.
- 0.37b7: Added prom ($60 - timing).
- 0.36b10: Changed palettesize from 257 to 256 colors.
- 18th November 2000: Nicola Salmoria fixed a stupid bug in Mr. Do! color PROM decoding.
- 0.35b6: Changed description of clone 'Yankee DO! (Two Bit Score)' to 'Yankee DO!'.
- 11th February 1999: Mirko Buffoni has made the interpolation stuff even better. Exed Exes example is about doubling with 50% transparent scanlines (left side), and Mr. Do! example is about doubling with linear interpolation (both sides) and 50% transparent scanlines (left side). All these things are of course off by default.
- 6th February 1999: Mirko Buffoni has made interpolation routines for MAME. You'll need a powerful machine for this: (it's like ZSNES).
- 0.34b8: Gareth Hall added Mr. Do! (bugfixed), version with a fixed bug which would allow to get 255 lives. Lee Taylor added Yankee DO! (Two Bit Score)(bootleg 1982 with different graphics).
- 0.34b6: Nicola Salmoria added clone Mr. Do! (Yukidaruma), bootleg 1982 - with different graphics and music.
- 0.33b7: Added proms ($0, 20, 40 - palette (high bits), palette (low bits) and sprite color lookup table).
- 0.30: Lee Taylor added clone Mr. Du! (bootleg 1982). Tatsuyuki Satoh and Nicola Salmoria cleaned up the SN76496 emulation, now it is similar to the 8910 one and all games use Tatsuyuki's code. This affects several games, most notably the Mr. Do! series.
- 0.18: Nicola Salmoria added Mr. Do! (Universal). Renamed (mrdo) to (mrdot).
- 0.13: Nicola Salmoria added high score saving to Mr. Do!.
- 0.04: Optimizations in drawgfx(), Mr. Do!'s title screen and intermissions now run faster.
- 0.02: Nicola Salmoria added Mr. Do! (Taito) (Taito 1982) and clone Mr. Lo!. Game is playable with accurate colors and sound. Control: Arrows = Move around, CTRL = Fire, F1 = Skip level and CTRL+F3 = Test mode. Thanks to Paul Swan for the information on Mr.Do! colors. Known issues: The noise generator is not emulated yet, but I think Mr. Do! doesn't use it anyway.
- 23rd January 1997: Dumped Mr. Do! (prototype).


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Romset: 57 kb / 14 files / 31.2 zip
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