Cheeky Mouse

Arcade 1980 Universal Fighter Field
Try to hit the mouse with a hammer when it comes out from one of many holes in the wall. The mouse is trying to get from its hole to the cheese on the other side of the house.
Cheeky Mouse

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  • maincpu Z80 (@ 2 Mhz)
  • DAC
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 255 x 192
  • Fréquence 60 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 1
  • Type de contrôle joy (2 ways)

Screenshots de Cheeky Mouse

Cheeky Mouse - Screen 1
Cheeky Mouse - Screen 2
Cheeky Mouse - Screen 3
Cheeky Mouse - Screen 4
Cheeky Mouse - Screen 5

Cheeky Mouse et M.A.M.E.

0.34b8 [Chris Moore]

Artwork available

- 15th May 2011: Mr. Do - Gatinho goes PG-13 on us, and gives us Cheeky Mouse bezel. Not only did he clean it up, he was kind enough to buy it in the first place for scanning.
- 0.135u2: Fabio Priuli added driver data structs to Cheeky Mouse.
- 0.131u3: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed graphic regression in Cheeky Mouse.
- 0.123u4: Zsolt Vasvari updated Cheeky Mouse to use PORT_CHANGED. Combined memory maps where applicable and converted driver to use tilemaps.
- 0.108: Nicola Salmoria fixed color decoding in Cheeky Mouse. Swapped proms ($0, 20 - character colors).
- 0.34RC2: Fixed Cheeky Mouse - Game is now playable. Added DAC sound. Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 2.5MHz and palettesize to 192 colors.
- 0.34b8: Chris Moore added Cheeky Mouse (Universal 1980?), not working.

LEVELS: 4 (endless)

Romset: 17 kb / 11 files / 10.1 zip
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