Super Golf (Prototype)

Sega Master System 1989 Sega
Golfamania is a golf video game released exclusively for the Sega Master System in Brazil and Europe. One of the game's innovative features is its create-a-player mode. The game uses a battery-packed RAM in order to save progress.

Experience points are gained by doing well in holes. Power, accuracy, and luck are the only stats that can be powered-up by the player. Each player starts out with an experience level of 0 and with zero experience points. Certain golfers in the game do resemble those from real life PGA professionals from the 1980s like Greg Norman.

There is only one golf course; which has some island holes in addition to trees and bunkers. A fanfare is performed when a player performs at par or better; the only other music track other than the title screen music. There is a digitized sound clip when a drive is delivered in a perfect fashion. Some of the holes have special awards where bonus amounts of experience points can be earned by either having the longest drive or achieving a hole in one.

The main menu allows players to choose between a practice session, a match play game, a stroke play match, and a pro tournament. In the pro tournament, the player can ask for advice on the best way to deal with an individual hole.
Super Golf (Prototype)

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  • maincpu Z80 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • SEGA VDP PSG (@ 3 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 224
  • Fréquence 59.922738 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle
    1. joy (8 ways)
    2. joy (8 ways)
    3. joy (8 ways)
    4. joy (8 ways)
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Super Golf (Prototype) - Screen 1
Super Golf (Prototype) - Screen 2
Super Golf (Prototype) - Screen 3
Super Golf (Prototype) - Screen 4
Super Golf (Prototype) - Screen 5

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British video gaming magazine Computer and Video Games gave Golfamania an overall score of 89%.Commodore Power Play gave the game a rating of 71%.
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