Bull Fighter (Sega)

Arcade 1984 Alpha Denshi Co. (Sega license) Sports Hockey
An early ice hockey game.
Bull Fighter (Sega)

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 3 Mhz)
  • audiocpu 8085A (@ 6 Mhz)
  • mcu ALPHA-8301 (@ 0 Mhz)
  • MSM5232 (@ 6 Mhz)
  • AY-3-8910A (@ 1 Mhz)
  • DAC
  • DAC
  • Orientation Tate
  • Résolution 255 x 208
  • Fréquence 60 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 2
  • Nombre de boutons 3
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de Bull Fighter (Sega)

Bull Fighter (Sega) - Screen 1
Bull Fighter (Sega) - Screen 2
Bull Fighter (Sega) - Screen 3
Bull Fighter (Sega) - Screen 4
Bull Fighter (Sega) - Screen 5

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Bull Fighter (Sega) et M.A.M.E.

0.94u5 [Brian Troha, f205v]
0.61 [Acho A. Tang]

Samples required (Equites)

- Bull Fighters sound emulation misses drums. Kold666 (ID 00428)

- 0.133u1: Renamed (bullfgts) to (bullfgtrs).
- 0.127u1: Nicola Salmoria added 8303 rom to Bull Fighter and clone (Sega) and updated MCU simulation to match the new findings.
- 28th August 2008: Corrado Tomaselli dumped the MCU8303 rom.
- 0.125u4: Added coin slots.
- 0.125u2: Removed coin slots.
- 0.123u6: Added ALPHA-8301 (500000 Hz) CPU3. Changed MSM5232 clock speed to 6144000 Hz. Added Samples (bongo1, bongo2, bongo3.wav). Fixed gfx2/3 rom loading. Changed region user1/2/3 to proms and sound1.
- 0.95: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed crash in the new Bull Fighter set.
- 0.94u5: Brian Troha and f205v added Bull Fighter (without Sega license). Renamed (bullfgtr) to (bullfgts).
- 21st March 2005: f205v dumped Bull Fighter, Alpha denshi co. LTD made in Japan.
- 0.61: Acho A. Tang added Bull Fighter (Alpha Denshi 1984).
- 23rd June 2002: Acho A. Tang submitted drivers for Equites, Bull Fighter, The Koukouyakyuh, Splendor Blast and High Voltage. They are all playable and have sound, though the MCU emulation is not complete so there may be gameplay errors.

Romset: 190 kb / 32 files / 85.3 zip
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