B.Rap Boys (World)

Arcade 1992 Kaneko Fighter 2.5D
A side scrolling beat'em up. 3 characters, one on a skateboard, one on a bike and one on rollerskates fight various enemies. Features a large amount of sampled voices and several rap songs.
B.Rap Boys (World)

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  • maincpu 68000 (@ 12 Mhz)
  • OKI6295 (@ 2 Mhz)
  • OKI6295 (@ 2 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 224
  • Fréquence 59.1854 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 3
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle joy (8 ways)

Screenshots de B.Rap Boys (World)

B.Rap Boys (World) - Screen 1
B.Rap Boys (World) - Screen 2
B.Rap Boys (World) - Screen 3
B.Rap Boys (World) - Screen 4
B.Rap Boys (World) - Screen 5

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B.Rap Boys (World) et M.A.M.E.

0.116u4 [Hammad, Brian Troha]
0.74u2 [Guru]
0.61 [Guru]

- brapboysj: [possible] You can see a big comma in black and something else written in black i cant read properly. hammad (ID 04459)

- 0.146u5: Changed region cpu1 to calc3_rom.
- 0.144u5: hap fixed B.Rap Boys loops on CRC check.
- 0.144u1: vintagevideogames.com and Lord Nightmare added clone B.Rap Boys Special (US). Mirror gfx1 rom ($400000 to 480000) in B.Rap Boys. Fixed rom names.
- 0.143u9: Fixed rom names.
- 0.135: David Haywood changed sound banking on B.Rap Boys to use an OKIM6295 address map and banks. Changed region samples to oki1.
- 0.134u1: Kitsune Sniper, hap, Haze and Guru fixed music samples looping incorrectly / ending too soon in B.Rap Boys and clone. Changed clock speeds of the 2x OKI6295 to 2MHz and VSync to 59.185400 Hz.
- 0.133u5: David Haywood temporarily added a hack to the collision function to only use the B.Rap Boys code if the game is B.Rap Boys until we have a single function that works with both.
- 0.133u4: David Haywood, Tomasz Slanina and Luca Elia fixed - Game now playable. Phil Bennett fixed B.Rap Boys sound banking. David Haywood and Tomasz Slanina decoded all protection data for B.Rap Boys. Tomasz Slanina improved protection simulation logic w/regards to writeback addresses, allowing B.Rap Boys to boot and added hitbox simulation based on suprnova / game requirements. Guru redumped GFX Roms. David Haywood cleaned up decryption function for B.Rap Boys external Rom, improved video emulation for B.Rap Boys, marked several GFX roms as bad on B.Rap Boys, converted MCU writes to use write_byte, added kludge to reset MCU data write address to prevent game from running out of ram and crashing, added DSWs, added EEPROM support to the B.Rap Boys protection simulation and changed to priorities to fix some visibility problems. Added new gfx1 roms ($0, 100000, 200000, 300000). Changed visible area to 256x224. Added dipswitches 'Switch Test', 'Coin Slots', 'Players', 'Difficulty' and 'Unused'.
- 0.133u3: David Haywood decrypted several tables from the B.Rap Boys rom.
- 0.133u1: Calc 3 MCU update [David Haywood]: Shuffled a few things around based on new findings. Added an extra decryption table used for the Brap Boys startup code (still doesn't do anything interesting). Noted that one of the unknown parameters for the MCU Init command is where it reads / writes EEPROM data from. Noted that an additional parameter in the MCU commands may cause further displacement of the writeback address, as BRap Boys seems to rely on this (needs further testing) - added a hack for now so that BRap Boys places the writeback address of the initial table somewhere that causes it to get executed. Renamed (brapboyj) to (brapboysj).
- 0.132u5: Changed description of clone 'B.Rap Boys (Japan)' to 'B.Rap Boys Special (Japan)'. Changed visible area to 256x240.
- 0.132u2: David Haywood improved protection simulation for B.Rap Boys, eliminating the hardcoded table with the initial program snippet in, getting it from the rom instead, and generally cleaning things up.
- 0.132u1: David Haywood improved protection simulation and documentation for B.Rap Boys.
- 0.128u1: Guru added redumped B.Rap Boys sample ROMs.
- 0.116u4: Hammad and Brian Troha added B.Rap Boys (World). Renamed (brapboys) to (brapboyj).
- 28th June 2007: Hammad dumped B.Rap Boys (World). Only socketed EPROMs have been dumped, the rest are soldered MASKROMs.
- 0.112u3: Changed description to 'B.Rap Boys (Japan)'.
- 0.74u2: Added B.Rap Boys (Kaneko 1992)
- 0.61: Added B.Rap Boys (Testdriver).
- 26th August 2001: Guru - Dumped B.Rap Boys (Kaneko 1992). Thanks to Felicien for the donation.
- 18th August 2001: Guru - A 'B. Rap Boys' PCB has arrived, however Australian Customs has grabbed it and is holding me to ransom. I'm working on that, and hopefully I'll get it next week.

Romset: 12416 kb / 17 files / zip
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