The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA)

Nintendo NES 1992 Taito
The Jetsons: Cogwell's Caper is based on the well-known Jetsons property from Hanna-Barbera. It was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Family Computer.

In this spin-off adventure, George Jetson is ordered by his faithful employer Spacely Sprockets to put a stop to Mr. Cogswell's profit-making schemes; especially that of a dangerous mining facility on planet M38 is being built. This game is a side-scrolling action game where George Jetson can walk, crouch, and jump (with the help of a jet pack). Each level is littered with crates and other items that George can pick up and toss at enemies. Since the game is set in the retrofuturistic world of The Jetsons, there are also a generous amount of switches on walls which can do amazing features.

These features include a switch that can reverse gravity for a brief time, along with other surprises. All of George's family will provide him with tools to meet each challenge that lies ahead. Infinite continues allows players to finish this difficult video game at their leisure.

Eight stages await the player; with a plethora of mini-stages that are extremely short. The gameplay of this video game is oddly reminiscent of the original Kirby video game for the Game Boy. The video game has a difficulty level of "hard" despite the unlimited continues.
The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA)

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  • maincpu N2A03 (@ 1 Mhz)
  • N2A03 (@ 1 Mhz)
  • Orientation Yoko
  • Résolution 255 x 240
  • Fréquence 60.098 Hz
  • Nombre de joueurs 4
  • Nombre de boutons 2
  • Type de contrôle
    1. triplejoy (8 ways)
    2. triplejoy (8 ways)
    3. triplejoy (8 ways)
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Screenshots de The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA)

The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA) - Screen 1
The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA) - Screen 2
The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA) - Screen 3
The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA) - Screen 4
The Jetsons - Cogswell's Caper! (USA) - Screen 5

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Electronic Gaming Monthly assigned this game a 73% rating in its January 1993 issue.
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