Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou Black Label - A ex 1credit Clear


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AOF 2 1cc Level 8 24:45

AOF 2 1cc Level 8

goji' - 1 view(s)
Flipnic Biology 1LC Superplay Mix 22:00

Flipnic Biology 1LC Superplay Mix

DJ Incompetent - 4 view(s)
Hand picked BGM mixed to the SFX. An experiment in modernizing retro game soundtracks. One of the worst pinball games ever made. A physics trainwreck of fantasy island and margaritas. Never trust Sony and Capcom with a pinball experience. This is the first Biology table. 1LC = One Life Clear = One Ball Clear = No Miss Tracklist: Intro | Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Upon Encountering the Crippled Elephant Title | Pogo - Wishery (Disney Remix) Neutral | Emancipator - Safe in the Steep Cliffs Multiball | Pryda - Allein Restart Multiball Timer (Panic) | Coldcut - More Beats + Pieces (Daddy Rips it up Mix) Color Puzzle | Ratatat - Mirando UFO Quiz Show | 75 Amoure - Is That Your Final Answer Freeze Over (Neutral) | Kevin Yost - Soul Alive New Path Discovery | Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover Zero Gravity | Barry Grey - Theme From U.F.O Congratulations | The Lonely Island - Shrooms [Interlude] Game Over | Songs to Wear Pants to - Old-Fashioned Line Dance -DJ Incompetent Drink & Fly Shooting Team
Ikaruga - luc 05:08

Ikaruga - luc

jammaplay - 3 view(s)
Ikaruga - luc
TAS NES Battle City JPN in 1300 35 by N?K 13:23

TAS NES Battle City JPN in 1300 35 by N?K

TASvideos - 0 view(s)
In Battle City, your goal is to destroy enemy tanks while trying to keep them away from your base. Each level includes 20 enemies as well as some obstacles, like the weak red bricks, armored silver bricks, water and ice, which you can use to your advantage. The basic tank you start with can also be powered up little by little throughout the game. In this run, N?K rolls through the game speedily while losing a little bit of time to entertain with amusing shooting patterns and making the scenery into recognizable letters and shapes. Spoiler: Hover over the screenshot.
Tetris 2 NES Rounds 1 32 01:55:00
Mushihimesama - Maniac Stage4 04:46

Mushihimesama - Maniac Stage4

jammaplay - 9 view(s)
Mushihimesama - Maniac Stage4 by COR
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